Indiana Sportsbooks Scores $10 Billion in Total Sports Betting Handle Since Launch

The sports betting market in the US continues to grow since the PASPA law repeal back in 2018. When the option to legalize sports betting fell into the state’s discretion, many immediately went to work in drafting and passing sports betting laws. States worked on it for about a year, with many of them launching sports betting in their areas back in 2019. And since its launch back in 2019, Indiana sportsbooks have taken in $10 billion in wagers.

Indiana allows both retail sports betting and the use of sportsbook software. And when you look at the sports betting reports of the state in the recent months, you will see that the state has been getting a steady increase in betting handle in the last 4 months. For November, Indiana sportsbooks have a $452.3 million in total monthly handle.

Indiana Sportsbook Numbers for November

Indiana Sportsbooks Scores $10 Billion in Total Sports Betting Handle Since LaunchThe $452.3 million handle is 1.4% higher than October’s $446.2 million handle. This is also the 6th highest handle that the state has recorded. But November’s handle pushes the record of sportsbooks to hit past the $10 billion mark since they launched back in 2019, which is a great indicator of how successful the local betting market is. And when you want to be a bookie, this is very encouraging. Our highly recommended Pay Per Head Software can help you get started with your online sportsbook.

Looking at the numbers, football still reigns as the top sport residents bet on. The NFL and college football saw $137.6 million in bets. However, basketball- both the NBA and college basketball are in full swing. And we can see it clearly with the month-on-month date for the sport’s wagers. Sportsbooks in Indiana took in $67 million more bets than October on basketball, bringing up the basketball handle to $124.7 million.


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