Maximize Your Bookie Business by Adding Live Betting Software

Last updated on March 3rd, 2024 at 07:06 am

Maximize Your Bookie Software with Live BettingLive betting has grown increasingly popular over the past few years. So much so that a lot of sportsbooks offer hundreds, if not thousands, of live betting options for a variety of sports events each day. It is popular among bettors, and can be very lucrative for bookies as well. And if you are using a complete Bookie PPH service, then you can also offer this to your players. Learn why, and how to maximize your bookie business by adding live betting software.

Live betting is becoming more popular as sports betting becomes more accessible to the public. This is especially true in the case of online sports betting, where odds can change each minute. With online wagering, you can easily set betting lines or place bets in real time- even for fast-paced wagers such as live bets.

What is Live Betting?

First, let us define what live betting is. Live betting is different from the traditional bets in both the nature of bets and when you can place the wagers. Your traditional wagers open as soon as a game’s schedule is announced, and closes when the game starts. For live betting, you place a bet while the event is in play. The odds change every single play, and these lines can move very quickly.

Again, with the best bookie software for sportsbooks, you can easily offer this to your players. This opens up a new revenue stream for your sportsbook without adding strain to your workload. Live betting is a great option for bettors who want to win instantly as opposed to wait until the game is over to know if their bet is a winning one.



What Bets Can You Make in Live Betting?

Maximize Your Bookie Software with Live BettingYour players will be able to place bets similar to that of pre-match games like point spreads, the moneyline, and totals. However, these are very specific- covering a certain half or quarter period of a game. In addition, your players can also place wagers on something as specific as which NBA team will next pull of a scoring play. Other player and prop bets are also offered, so your players have access to quite a variety of options.

This increases the level of excitement that your players can make. In any given sports game, your players only need to refresh your sportsbook to see the latest lines and bet on any sport they are currently watching.

How to Use Your Bookie Software with Live Betting

If you are using the Price Per Player software, then you need not worry about live betting. These wagers are already included in your sportsbook when you first register. You will not need to call customer service to activate it, nor will you need to pay extra to access these lines.

Similar to pre-match bets, you will need to track the activity of your players in live betting. Since these bets have more instantaneous results, you will need to be quick about checking your betting lines, and adjust them to balance your lines. As long as you are using the best bookie software, you will find it quite easy to view and manage live betting in your sportsbook. That way, you can earn more from each game that you offer in your bookie operation.


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