Mobile Transactions are Growing in the Pay Per Head Industry

Mobile Transactions are Growing in the Pay Per Head Industry2019 is definitively the year for the sports betting industry and it is off to a great start. This is because according to several gambling analyst, Mobile Transactions are Growing in the Pay Per Head Industry.  Furthermore, the number of mobile transactions in the gaming industry has grown 95% growth in the last 5 years.

According to the report, an analysis of over 518 million transactions took place.  In addition, the transactions came from over 100 gambling operators and Pay Per Head platforms. After examining the report three trends became obvious other than mobile transactions increasing.

The first is the increase of cheating and abusing the game system.  However, even though it went up, it did level out eventually.  The second trend is the increase in credit card fraud.  However, this last development is not a surprise to Pay Per Head experts.

Mobile Gambling taking the lead in Online Gambling Transactions

Anyone in the industry will tell you that it is no surprise to see mobile gambling transaction increase in Asia.  This is because the use of their smart phone is part of their culture.  However, the increase of mobile transactions on a global basis is a nice surprise for all.

In 2012, mobile financial transaction saw a 6% increase in comparison to 2011.  However, the growth from 2018 to 2019 shows a huge 70% increase online gambling financial transactions.

Even though sports betting operators are familiar with bonus and promotional abuse, the increase was a bit of a shock. This is because the number of such abuses went up by 287%.  However, they are fighting back by placing more rules to their bonuses and by using more detection software in place. Furthermore, the growth of cheating may currently be 12% but it is still lower than 55% back in 2017.

On an interesting note, that gambling regulatory bodies around the world have shown an increase in fines for gambling operators. In the UK for example, fines against operators rose from $2.1 million to $23.6 million from 2017 to 2018.

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