Nevada Sportsbooks and Casinos See Rise in Mobile Gambling in March

The coronavirus pandemic has no doubt caused the sports betting industry to have record-breaking dismal numbers. This is evident in the data from March. Nevada, the gambling capital of the US, is not spared from this as well. The sports betting handle of Nevada has a 76% drop on year over year numbers following the casino shutdown mid-month. Gambling still finds a way, as Nevada sportsbooks and casinos are seeing more mobile gambling activity through betting software. Let’s take a look at the numbers.

The total sports betting handle in March for Nevada is at $141,108 million, with a very, very low $1.455 million revenue. Looking at the previous year, the handle was at $600 million more or less, with a $32.5 million revenue. And if we compare it to its previous month, February has a $491.7 million handle.

Nevada Sportsbooks and Casino Users Go Online

nevada sportsbooksThis means March shows a 71% decrease from February’s handle. This would have been a very promising month, as the best pay per head sportsbook software providers are logging in a lot of action every year. This is mostly due to the aptly named March Madness of the NCAA. You also have the NHL and the NBA heating up in their regular season. The MLB is also supposed to start early in March.

The pandemic has caused the government to shut down almost all businesses as early as March 12. Casinos in the state followed suit on March 18. The stay at home order was extended up to the end of March, and may possibly get an extension.

But looking at the numbers in sports betting, 63% of the handle are mobile wagers. If you cannot go to your casino or sportsbook to gamble, then gambling providers will bring them to you. The numbers on mobile wagering went down from February’s $218.7 million to March’s $88.928 million. However, in February, mobile wagering is 44% while March has a 63% market share. Numbers on online wagering in the state may still go up, as the state is finding ways to offer eSports betting to the public.

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