New Record for Delaware iGaming

Last updated on December 8th, 2018 at 03:46 am

Delaware’s numbers on online gambling has not been as good as this September’s. The Delaware Lottery’s latest release on their data for September shows nearly twice the revenue recorded in September of 2017.

The three racinos of the state have a combined online gambling revenue of $337,000. In September of last year, the revenues were just at $170,763. The revenue for this month is so far the highest revenue recorded for 2018 as well.

Delaware’s iGaming Revenues

The highest ever revenues from the state was $304,874 back in June of 2016. This month’s record-breaking revenue for table games was higher by more than thrice at $101,882. Meanwhile, video lottery terminal revenue is up at $213,665. Poker revenue also increased from $18,842 to $21,464. Growth from gambling of these operators is doing great, based on looking at the year-on-year gains for September.

The numbers are climbing despite all casinos not having online single-game wagering options yet. Sportsbooks are estimated to bring in a lot of revenues in most states, and we have yet to see the full potential in Delaware. Residents have gotten the chance to try out on-site sports betting. The first weekend for on-site betting at the NASCAR Racetrack at the Dover International Speedway took in 3,000 bets. These bets were around $17,800, and were placed at a FanZone tent that was set up at the track. The amount is a bit less than 3% of the $601,700 that was wagered at Dover Downs in that week.

The potential for sportsbooks is not limited to major operators, of course. Putting up your own sportsbook is a great option to earn money, especially now that a lot of sports leagues are beginning or are mid-season. If you are wondering how does a pph work, you could easily learn how and create your own bookie operation.

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