NHL and MGM agree to a Sports Betting Partnership

Last updated on December 4th, 2018 at 07:31 pm

NHL and MGM agree to a Sports Betting PartnershipIts official, another U.S. Sports League is making a direct profit from sports betting.  The last time we saw such a deal was with the NBA and MGM earlier this year. This time around we see the NHL and MGM agree to a multiyear Sports Betting Partnership.

This is the first deal of its kind for the National Hockey League with a gambling company.  Under this partnership, MGM Resorts will receive enhance NHL game data directly from the their tracking system.  Thus, MGM will be able to track the results of various bets.

Furthermore, the partnership is not just limited to receiving proprietary data from the NHL.  This is because this partnership can also produce other deals for each company.  Such deals could include online gambling platforms along with websites that feature NHL game highlights and gambling odds. In short, MGM Resorts can now market the NHL’s data over various platforms to sports betting and NHL fans.

Real-Time Gaming Data from the NHL

The announcement by NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and MGM and CEO James Murren was at a press occasion in Manhattan. Furthermore, Bettman said that “This strategic alliance will enable MGM to have access to advanced game data”. Thus, according to PPH Providers like PricePerPlayer.com, several of the game data integration is currently in development to take advantage of it.

The NHL’s improvement of real-time gaming information has been quickened by another framework intended to track the situating of players.  In addition, the developments of the “Puck on the Ice” are part of the new real-time game data. Incorporating the puck-created information with a live-gushing stage will encourage the kind of in-amusement prop wagers.  This is because these types of prop bets are very popular in abroad markets where betting is lawful.

At the moment, the “embedded puck-in-play” tech isn’t altogether operational. However, the NHL plans to have the following framework up and running by the beginning of the 2019-20 season. Afterwards, it will be a part of the real-time data that creates chances and probabilities on the fly.

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