Pennsylvania Releases More Permits for Sports Betting

Last updated on December 8th, 2018 at 04:12 am

Sports betting operators are having a blast trick or treating from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, or the PGCB. The PGCB is releasing more licenses. There are three sports betting licenses, two online gambling licenses, and five fines to the operators. Pay Per Head Bookie services do take care of this for the average bookie. So if you are starting out, you should find one that is good for you.

The PGCB is giving out interim approval for petitions for online gambling from operators in Erie and in Philadelphia. This means that the state now has 9 gambling operators. And with the market for sports betting heating up, pay per head bookie will stand do earn a lot. Especially now that some leagues are in the middle of the leagues, while some are just getting into the season.

Pennsylvania Sports Betting

Sports betting permits for the state are now at five. They are also all getting ready to do smaller-scale launches, until they expand to full services by the next year. Of course, the permits issued by the state actually also covers online and mobile betting. So far, none of the approved operators have given any information of their online wagering facilities. This means there is no information on whether they will submit their facilities to the PGCB for inspection.

As mentioned earlier, some tricks were given out by the state board. Three casinos and a gaming device maker have fines. The gaming device maker has an $8,000 fine for not submitting their annual financial statements on time – for the last 3 years.

In addition, a Philadelphia casino has a $40,000 fine for allowing non-compliant slot machines to operate, and for issues on record-keeping on roulette chip discrepancy logs. Another casino has a $22,500 fine for putting progressive slots into play without PGCB technical field rep’s approval three times. Another casino has a $45,000 fine for five incidents of people under 21 years old gaining access to the gaming floor. The said individuals were able to play slots and table games, and were also drinking alcohol.

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