Offbeat Sportsbook Marketing Tips

Last updated on December 6th, 2023 at 04:53 pm

Offbeat Sportsbook Marketing Tips
One of the more difficult challenge bookies experience is finding new players to grow their their sportsbook business. This is due to the competition by large sportsbooks with large advertising budgets. However, it does not mean that it is impossible. It just means that a bit more creativity is necessary to obtain profitable results. Thus, our Bookie tutorial on the Best Offbeat Sportsbook Marketing Tips will help you do just that.

Creating simple yet powerful and effective sportsbook marketing campaign for your sportsbook is not too difficult. At least, it is not if you have a good understanding of basic human nature. In fact, the best sportsbook advertising strategies are always about the basics of human nature. Therefore, if you do not understand the player’s psychology, then no amount of ad spending can help your business.

However, if you understand what potential gamblers are looking for, then it will pay off. Especially if you are using a sportsbook pay per head solution for your business.  This is because you save money on your monthly expense and get a higher return on your sportsbook ads.

Best Offbeat Sportsbook Marketing Tips that Work

1 – Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome – While innovation is good, jumping on the latest trend or idea is not always the way to go. The trick is to look at which trend can help you achieve your marketing goal. We are not saying that following trends is a bad strategy. Just that using a marketing trend that caters to teenagers will probably not help get more players for your sportsbook.

2 – Run Sportsbook Ads on Less Popular Platforms

The majority of small sportsbooks or bookie businesses do not have a large advertising budget. Therefore, they cannot afford large PPC on Google or Facebook or to create large media buy campaigns on popular websites. Instead, they advertise on less popular PPC platforms Like Bing or sites like Quora to advertise their bookie business.

Even though you may not get as many as players, the cost will be cheaper and the ROI better.

3 – Create “Good Replies:”

This sportsbook marketing tip involves not creating your own campaign but rather piggybacking off of someone else’s work. It can be simply commenting on a video to answering a question on a forum or sites like Quora. In addition, even commenting on blogs is valid as long as you your “good replies” add to the overall conversation. Thus, it will turn you into an expert in sports betting and people will begin to trust your opinion. Just make sure to not shill your business too much.

If done correctly, people will view your profile and ask you directly for advice!

More Offbeat Sportsbook Marketing Strategies and Tips

Work With Influencers – Use influencers whose audience is your target market to market your sportsbook and establish your authority. As a bookmaker, you want to find influencers that target sports and possibly gambling to spread your message. The reason it works is because when an influencer markets a service, their followers trust what they say.

Of course, if hiring an influencer is outside of your budget, you can always become a bookie influencer yourself.

Create Short-Form Sports Betting Videos

Short-form videos are videos that are 60 seconds or less. They are popular because people have short attention span. Therefore, If, you cannot get their attention in that period, then you are wasting your time. In addition, 96% of consumers prefer short-form videos which is why TikTok has 1.53 billion users after 7 years.

So, what are you waiting for? Create a short-form video for your sportsbook and add it to your site or on TikTok to market your business.

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