Offering eSports Betting is Essential to Sportsbook Growth

eSports Betting is Essential to Sportsbook GrowtheSports Betting has been around since 2009 and since then, has been on a continuous growth curve. At the moment, the eSports gambling market is worth over $1 billion with no sign of stopping. Needless to say, it is a gambling market worth investing into by sportsbooks as it has huge growth potential. Despite its growth, many sportsbooks still do not offer any significant esports betting options. However, for sportsbooks looking to compete in today’s market, eSports Betting is Essential to Sportsbook Growth.

Across the globe, the success of eSports betting has been tremendous with a 14.8% CAGR growth rate. Therefore, gambling industry news analyst predict the eSports market will be worth $2.376 billion by 2028.

Another reason why sportsbooks need to offer eSports betting is because of its demographic appeal.  According to sources like Twitch, Twitter and statistic companies, the main age group for esports betting is between 18-30. For online sportsbooks, this is a great age demographic as it ensures a source of present and future revenues.

In addition, since a significant amount of the population is indulging in competitive matches for entertainment, income, and hobby. Therefore, eSports competitions are attracting larger audiences giving sportsbooks with eSports Betting capabilities more opportunities to monetize on it.

eSports Betting is Essential to Sportsbook Growth

At the moment, online sportsbooks have an edge over in-person sportsbooks when it comes to eSports gambling. This is because they are more user friendly and easier for new eSports bettors to understand. Furthermore, this is due to retail sportsbooks not capitalizing on the eSports wagering. In fact, the majority of physical sports betting shops do not offer betting on eSports. For example, Nevada is not showing much interest in eSports which is unusual considering the popularity of the market.

In turn, this has led to an increase in online sportsbook capitalizing on eSports gambling. This is due to the gap in the market that needs to be taken care of.

The Pay Per Head industry has been quick to capitalize on eSports betting. One such example is which easily lets bookies add an eSports Betting Platform to their sportsbook. The best part is that their eSports betting odds and platform is part of their normal Bookie PPH package. Therefore, bookies can have a full online sportsbook with eSports gambling for $5 or less per player!

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