Once Again Sports Betting is Legal in Florida

Once Again Sports Betting is Legal in FloridaTechnically, Sports Betting in Florida became legal in 2021 after deal was made with Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Seminole. However, it was quickly shutdown after a federal court said the compact between Florida and the Seminoles was invalid. Last week, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals overthrew that ruling and once again, Sports Betting is Legal in Florida.

Needless to say, the entire situation has been very frustrating journey for sports bettors in Florida. This because back in 2021, one week it was legal and 3 weeks later it was once again illegal. Thus, sports gamblers are reluctant to believe if this victory will remain or if it will once again become illegal.

At the moment, the new ruling opens the door for the tribe to relaunch its Hard Rock Sportsbook betting app. In addition, it will potentially allow the Seminole Tribe to build 2 new casinos in South Florida. However, the Seminole Tribe has not made a decision as to when it would reactivate its sport betting app.

Tribe spokesman Gary Bitner, said they are currently reviewing the decision to determine the next step. According to sportsbook software companies, the Tribe may be waiting for some procedural steps in the courts before relaunching.

Sports Betting is Legal in Florida but could Face More Challenges to Remain Legal

While this is a big victory for sports gambling supporters and the Seminole Tribes, a lot of bigger issues remain. For one, anyone thinking about creating a sportsbook in Florida will not be able to under the current law. This is because according to the compact, only the Seminole Tribe can have a sports betting operation in Florida. Thus, it led to several lawsuits and why Sports wagering in Florida once again became illegal.

One of questions that remain is the legality of whether placing a bet from non-tribal lands in Florida is legal. Furthermore, legal experts believe the decision could lead to further legal challenges based on the state’s constitutional provisions. This is because it requires voter approval for the expansion of gambling in Florida.

Of course, the Seminole Tribes of Florida will not leave the decision to resume operations sit for very long. This is because there are hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars at stake. If they were to wait until all litigations to run their course, it would be a huge loss. Especially since it could take years.

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