Sports Betting in Arizona Continues to Grow

Sports Betting in Arizona started back in September 9, 2021 where sports bettors could place bets mostly through their preferred sports betting software. While starting out much later than other states since the PASPA repeal a few years ago, Arizona sportsbooks are making up for lost time easily. In fact, Arizona holds the record for the fastest time to hit the $1 billion mark in betting handle.

Arizona sportsbooks took in more than $1.2 billion in just around three months. The latest monthly data on sports betting in Arizona comes from the state’s sportsbooks’ numbers back in November. The total monthly sports betting handle for November is at $466.7 million. This is actually 4% lower than October’s $486.1 million. Meanwhile, September’s handle is at $291.2 million. Those three months alone total at $1.2 billion.

Sports Betting in Arizona

Sports Betting in Arizona Continues to GrowThe Arizona sports betting market is exceeding expectations by many in the industry. And since the market is still new, there is a high possibility that the market will grow further. It would not come as a surprise if the state were to generate even more than that amount in the first quarter of 2022. Especially since the state allows mobile sports betting. In November, $459.3 million of those wagers come from online sportsbooks.

As for the sports betting revenue of Arizona for November, we have the adjusted gross event wagering receipts at $31.9 million. This is an astronomical 208% more than October’s $10.4 million. With so many exciting sports betting events coming up, bookies across the state have the potential to take in even more. If you want to be a part of this industry, try out this bookie pay per head demo to see how its done. As for Arizona, expect to hear from industry experts again as we are sure that records will not last, given the exponential growth of their sports wagering market.


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