Sports Betting in Wyoming: Is it Even Possible

Last updated on July 26th, 2019 at 11:02 am

sports betting in wyomingThere is a high demand of sports betting products across the world. This is why the best sports betting software has been getting a lot of signups, where players have been placing wagers left and right. Numbers are also expected to increase as the year progresses. The NFL is just about to begin, and the NBA will follow suit soon. These two sports alone will be enough to earn money. This is probably why sports betting in Wyoming could be brought to life again.

Get some sports betting bookie tips to learn how to get more players, or make your sportsbook earn more money. Get into the billion-dollar industry without having to shell out thousands in investments. The market share will vary per bookie, and it will depend on your location and operation size. But in the state of Wyoming, they are seeing a potential $4 million gambling industry.

Sports Betting in Wyoming

Most see any efforts from Wyoming legislation go down the drain. But recently, Senator Odgen Driskill has a new motion filed. This motion plans to allow the Pari-Mutuel Commission of the state to oversee gambling machines and help collect tax revenue. Despite having many gambling machines available across the state, none are regulated. There is also no gaming commission that has oversight on all gambling forms.

Sports betting is one thing that has not even been discussed. If basic gambling machines are not regulated, and there is no proper overseeing agency, and no law addressing this. Then it may be a while before we start seeing any efforts on sports betting in Wyoming. Most legislators are wary of a statewide oversight, fearing confusion, red tape, and what not. But not doing anything to get into a large gaming money is missing out on money from taxes and licenses that could be used for the local communities too.