Sports Betting is Still Not Legal in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Supreme Court’s latest ruling on the gaming compacts between Governor Kevin Stitt and local tribes is not favorable for the local gambling market. The compacts signed by Gov. Stitt and the Otoe-Missouria as well as the Comache Nation are invalid. Which basically means that sports betting is still not legal in Oklahoma.

The compact was brought to court by Senate President Pro Temporate Greg Treat and House Speaker Charles McCall. According to both legislators, the Governor will not be able to comply with certain provisions in the compacts. Certain provisions are not legal under Oklahoma Law.

Sports Betting is Still Not Legal in Oklahoma: Was it Ever?

Sports Betting is Still Not Legal in OklahomaThe compacts signed by the tribes and the Governor did give the tribes the authority to offer sports betting in Oklahoma. However, as soon as the compacts were publicized, legislators were quick to file a lawsuit. Because of this, the tribes opted to not offer sports betting while under litigation.

But this is apparently the tip of the iceberg in allowing sports betting operations, or even considering online sports betting and having a variety of options such as sportsbooks having live betting software. The Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association is actually suspending the memberships of both tribes for the rest of 2020. In early 2021, they can request for reinstatement. There also other compacts made by the governor, which is also under litigation.

Will We See Sports Betting in the State?

Currently, there is no law that legalizes sports betting in Oklahoma. The compacts that the governor has been unilaterally making with tribes could have brought sports betting to residents. But with the lawsuits against these compacts, it may be a while since we see sports betting in the state.

There is, however, no direct restriction on people to gamble, according to American federal gambling laws. This means people can either travel to other states, or opt for established online betting software providers for online wagering.


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