Sports Betting License in Ohio Update

Over 1,000 Businesses Applying for a Sports Betting License in OhioLast year, sports betting became legal in Ohio after Bill HB 29 getting a signature from Governor Mike DeWine. Despite sports gambling being technically legal, no sportsbook is yet available for Ohioans to visit. However, the Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC) expects the first sportsbook to launch on by January 1, 2023. Until then, the OCC is taking applications for Sports Betting License in Ohio.

According to the OCCC, July 15 was a key deadline date for online and retails sports betting licenses. At least, in order for a sportsbook to receive a license in time to launch on January 1, 2023. Some applicants like BetRivers, sent in their application at the last minute, missing the deadline by a few days.

Matt Schuler, executive director for the OCCC said that they would “not simply rubber-stamp applications.”. Thus, even if their sports betting software is ready, BetRivers may not receive a license in time for the launch on January 1.

Now that the deadline is over, businesses are now applying for a “Type-C” sports betting license. This is the license for bars and restaurants that want a sports gambling kiosk

Over 1,000 Businesses Applying for a Sports Betting License in Ohio

So far, 25 companies have sent in their application for an in-person sportsbook license facility. In addition, 22 entities are applying for an online sports betting license for mobile devises. However, the big news is that over 1,000 business are applying for a “Type C” sports betting license.

A “Type-C” will mostly be under the Ohio Lottery Commission’s purview. However, the license itself will come from the OCCC but only after they get a recommendation from the Lottery Commission. Just like online and in-person sportsbooks, sports betting kiosk will also roll out on January 1, 2023.

At least, that is the goal unless the OCCC runs into any regulatory issues over the next five months.

According to bookie software providers, this legal sports betting is a great opportunity for Ohio. This is because they expect Ohio to collect over $50 million in annual tax revenue from sports betting. In addition, looking at how buckeyes wager, they believe almost 70% of the revenue will come from football and basketball.

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