Sportsbooks Expect $7.6 Billion in Wagers for the Super Bowl

Sportsbooks Expect $7.6 Billion in Wagers for the Super BowlWe are less than a week away from Super Bowl LVI and the excitement keeps mounting as February 13 approaches. In the meanwhile, NFL fans are placing their bets on their favorite team to add more excitement to the game. This year, Sportsbooks Expect $7.6 Billion in Wagers for the Super Bowl with over 31 million Americans betting on it.

For the sports gambling and sportsbook software industry, this is great news. This is because the more wagers are made, the higher their profits can become. However, the competition between bookmakers is fierce as sports betting advertising campaigns are everywhere to be seen.

At the moment, bookies are using many strategies to entice players to use their gambling services. From offering higher welcome bonuses to NFL square contests, they are going all out. One of the marketing strategies is to offer more Super Bowl Prop bets between the L.A. Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Some of the popular Super Bowl Prop Bets include the classic coin toss bet and the first team to score. However, some online sportsbooks also have unusual prop bets to add even more excitement. Such wagers include betting on the length of the national anthem and the color of the Gatorade bath.

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Sportsbooks Expect $7.6 Billion in Wagers for the Super Bowl this Sunday

According to American Gaming Association, the $7.6 billion in Super bowl wagers is a 78% increase over last year. In addition, these numbers include the Super Bowl Betting made between family and friends, office pools, traditional and online sportsbooks.

Since last year’s Super Bowl, an additional 45 million Americans can now legally bet on the Super Bowl. Of course, only some will actually bet on Super Bowl LVI but it is still a huge increase in gamblers. Furthermore, Sportsbook Pay Per Head providers have been reporting an increase in new bookies entering the gambling market this year.

The estimate from the AGA is that 18.5 million American will place a Super Bowl bet at a sportsbook. This includes online sportsbooks and at physical betting shops. Another 18.5 million plan on making a Super Bowl bet with friends or as part of a contest.

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