What to Expect in Your Sportsbook During the Super Bowl

What to Expect in Your Sportsbook During the Super BowlIn our previous tutorial, we gave you tips on how you can get your sportsbook ready for the Super Bowl. Assuming you are now using the best pay per head sportsbook software, then you are well-equipped to handle the action in your sportsbook during the Super Bowl. Industry experts are estimating that $7.6 billion in wagers will be placed on this game alone. This makes the Super Bowl one of the most lucrative sports events for bookies. Given the action that you are most likely getting, which will increase up to the weekend, what should you expect? Even better, what should you be focusing your attention on?

Keep in mind that the Super Bowl is one of the best times for players to place multiple wagers on a single game. This will be good for your sportsbook, since that will mean multiple vig from one player. So if you can bankroll more action, consider getting more players in your sportsbook. Just make sure that you know how to manage your sportsbook so that you can easily handle your lines.

It also goes without saying that you should be looking at the latest news and team updates on both the Rams and the Bengals daily. Any change can also necessitate an adjustment in your lines, so on top of managing the action that you will get on your sportsbook, you should allot time to check on the latest NFL news.

Your Sportsbook During the Super Bowl

Of course, you should expect a lot of action on the traditional bets. Most players will usually choose one or two between the spread, moneyline, or totals. But in this case, you might see players going all in. Not just with these bets, but also with prop bets. Prop bets garner the most attention during high profile games like the Super Bowl, so make sure that you are keeping an eye out on these bets. With the number of bets coming in, and the variety of wagers that the Super Bowl offers, you may need to adjust your lines on prop bets more often up to game day.

But more than that, the Super Bowl is also a great opportunity for live betting. You can get hundreds of wagers in live betting alone. Not all sportsbooks offer good lines on live betting, so use this feature to your advantage. Aside from the normal bets and prop bets, your players can add more excitement to their Super Bowl experience through betting while the game is ongoing. But with the more varied betting options, you will need to focus on your sportsbook during the game itself. Remember that lines will be moving a lot faster now that the Super Bowl is just days away. You will definitely benefit from spending more time checking in on your sportsbook, and adjust those lines as soon as you need to.


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