Spring Sports Betting Events to Remember

Last updated on February 27th, 2023 at 05:16 pm

Spring Sports Betting Events for 2023Now that the football season is over, sportsbooks are getting ready for the rest of the sports betting season. While football is the most lucrative sport season, it is by no means the end of it for bookies. This is because the sports betting industry is a year-round business with excitement every week. Thus, our list of Spring Sports Betting Events will help you plan for what is to come.

According to PricePerPlayer.com, the slow season for bookies begins right at the end of March Madness. While there are several events to bet on during that time, it does not mean there is nothing to bet on. On the contrary, there are several sporting events taking place. What makes it slow is their fan base which is lower than football and college basketball. Thus, it is known amongst bookies as the slow season.

However, it does not mean it is not a profitable season. On the contrary, sportsbook operators are able to make a decent profit during that period of time if they prepare correctly. It is just a matter of properly preparing for theses sporting events. Therefore, successful sportsbook owners will create sportsbook marketing plans to maximize the player interest.

Since Spring officially begins on March 20, here are events to start planning for to increase your Spring betting handle.

Spring Sports Betting Events for 2023

The Most Profitable Spring Events for Sportsbooks

March Madness– Without a doubt, the NCAA basketball tournament is the biggest sports betting event during Spring. It starts on March 14, 2023 and ends on April 3, 2023. Since it averages 10.7 million people watching each tournament game, this is indeed a profit maker for sportsbooks.

Start of Baseball Season – Over 500 million people watch baseball worldwide which makes it’s a very lucrative sport for gambling operators. This year the regular baseball season will start on March 30, 2023 and end on October 1, 2023.  Needless to say, this is a sporting event that requires a lot of planning and continuous efforts.

Soccer Betting –According to Bookie Pay Per Head providers, the soccer season starts at different time around the world. For example, the Major League Soccer (MLS) and the K-League 1 begins near the end Winter at the February. On the other, the English Premier League start in August and ends in May. Either way, Spring is the perfect season to advertise soccer betting.

NHL Playoffs – Hockey betting as a pretty good following year-round making the NHL playoffs a good betting event for sportsbooks. This year, the NHL playoffs will begin on April 17, 2023 and smart bookies will be ready for it.

Other Spring Sports Betting Events to keep in Mind

The French Open – The French Open is one of the most popular tournaments in tennis. This year, the tennis tournament will start May 28, 2023 and end on Jun1 11, 2023. While betting on tennis is not as popular as other sports like football and basketball, it remains a popular way for sportsbooks to boost their betting handle.

The Masters – Betting on golf is not for everyone. However, when a large tournament like the Masters take place, it is a good money maker for bookies. This year, the Masters will take place between April 6 thru 9 at the Augusta National Golf Course.

The Triple Crown – The Triple Crown is one of the most spectacular horse racing events in the world. It is made up of three races which include the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes. The first event is the Kentucky Derby which will take place on May 3

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