Stacy Abrams Continues to Push for Sports Betting in Georgia

Stacy Abrams Continues to Push for Sports Betting in GeorgiaAs the gubernatorial elections in Georgia are drawing closer, candidates are going all out to win votes. Earlier last month, Georgia Democrat gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams began campaigning for legal sports betting in Georgia. As the November 8 date gets closer, Stacy Abrams Continues to Push for Sports Betting in Georgia.

As the football season is beginning, Abrams is targeting voters that show interest in football and gambling on sports. According to the Sportsbook Pay Per head providers, her latest election commercials are centering around the Georgia Bulldogs. This is part of her Bet on Georgia campaign to legalize sports betting to fund the Hope Scholarship program.

This can be seen in her latest round of 15-30 second ads that center around the Bulldogs. In those commercials she is Furthermore, her ads are specifically showing on online sports betting sites and sites that link to the Bulldogs. Needless to say, her strategy is revolving around the success of the Georgia Bulldogs who are the defending champions.

In addition, her “Bet on Georgia” ads is specifically targeting her rival, Governor Brian kemp.  The commercial says, “While Georgians still place bets, Kemp is forcing them out of state to do it”. Therefore, they are” taking the tax dollars with them,” instead of using them in Georgia.

Abrams Continues to Push for Sports Betting in her Bid for Governor

In 2018, Stacy Abrams lost the 2018 Governor’s election by a narrow margin. This year, she is trailing in the poll by 5.5 percentage points but experts still believe it is a toss-up. In her effort to win the elections, she is trying to channel passion for college football into votes.

During the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race, Kemp ran on a platform opposing sports betting. However, this year he is taking a no position on the subject according to an email by his spokesman. Needless to say, Abrams is using that position to strengthen her bid for governor. This is a good move since a poll by the AJC found that 58% of voters support legalizing sports betting.

Abrams is not the only candidate that is using the popularity of the Bulldogs. This is because Kemp and Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Herschel Walker, are also tying their campaigns to the Bulldogs.

According to bookie software news, efforts to legalize sports betting in Georgia has a lot of backing within the state. This includes supports from some of the sop sports businesses like the Atlanta Falcons and the Hawks.  However, that has not been enough as it has failed to pass in the last 2 legislative sessions.

If she becomes governor, Abrams said she would push for a constitutional amendment to allow sports betting and casino gambling.

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