Sweden Opens Online Gambling License Applications

Last updated on December 8th, 2018 at 03:38 am

The Lotteriinspektionen gaming regulatory body of Sweden has been busy receiving applications from prospective operators. The country will be opening its doors on January 1, 2019 to a new regulated gambling market. So far, the gaming regulatory body has received 60 applications from operators who wish to get into the gaming industry. In the 60 applications, 55 of those are applying for online casino as well as sports betting licenses.

The gaming body has been reviewing the applications. Currently, they have been in touch with some operators who have incomplete information or requirements in their applications. So, they must resubmit to avoid their applications questioned before the launch date of the regulated market. Sweden joining liberalized markets confirms the high demand for gaming. And online gambling, sports betting in particular, is in very high demand. Hopefully, the optimism in online sportsbooks will encourage you to help get more players for your sportsbook.

Sweden on the Regulated Gaming Market

Despite the direction towards accepting and giving out licenses to operators. The Lotteriinspektionen do acknowledge not having the complete details on some concerns that are under discussion by prospective operators. These concerns are in relation to questions on responsible gaming, integrity obligations. Or any interpretations on advertising and limits to marketing efforts by operators. Even though there is a new gambling legislation, the concerns will be addressed through jurisprudence.

Between now and the start of 2019, the gaming commission will have a very short window of processing and approving applications. As well as release decisions on policies on the gaming industry. But the experience of other European nations in regulated gambling could serve as a guide for the country to derive its future policies on.

The gambling operators will be paying 18% in taxes from their revenue, and there may be a few limits in terms of products to offer. Similarly, you can also have an easy way to get more players for your sportsbook. This helps you expand your operations and earn more.

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