Why Add a Live Dealer Casino to Your Sportsbook

Why Add a Live Dealer Casino to Your SportsbookBookies and sportsbook owners understand that the profit they make is all about the gambling volume on their website. Unfortunately, there are only so many sporting events taking place on a daily basis for player to bet on. Thus, it makes it tougher for bookies to make the same profit every month. Therefore, it iis a good idea to Add a Live Dealer Casinos to Your Sportsbook to increase their gambling profits.

Most players tend to bet only on a few sports league or gambling events. Even with the betting software having live dealers and more prop bets, it still limits the overall betting handle. This is especially true during slower seasons like in-between March Madness and the football season.

In order for bookmakers to keep their profit from dropping too much, many of them offer an online casino. However, converting sports bettors to casino bettors is difficult as they are both very different. This is where offering a live dealer casino comes into play. This is because converting them from sports bettor to live casino player is a bit easier.

If you play online casino games, by now you have seen or at least heard of Live Dealer Casinos.  Despite being around for almost a decade and rising in popularity, not everyone is familiar with them.  Thus, we will explain as to What is a Live Dealer Casino and why it is so popular.

What is a Live Dealer Casino

The first Live Dealer casino made its debut back in the mid-1990s.  However, it did not become popular until much later.  This is because during that time, fast access internet and mobile gambling were in its infancy. Today, live dealer casinos can be found on all major online casinos and sportsbooks.

The benefits of having a live dealer casino in a sportsbook are many. At a normal online casino, gamblers get to play any casino games from the comfort of their home.  However, they play digital casino games that use an algorithm to produce random numbers and results. While these casinos are fun, they do not compare to the real action and excitement found in a regular casino.

Then, we have the Live Dealer Casino… A Live Dealer Casino is the answer by the online gambling industry to give players a more realistic casino experience. What a Live Dealer Casino does is use real dealers that deal the game for the player in real time.

Thus, a live dealer casino software does not use a gambling software algorithm to determine the results but real people. Furthermore, the experience is similar to a casino as player can interact with the dealers.

Even though casinos with Live Dealers function from a studio, they do make it seem like a real casino.  This is because they incorporate the proper lighting, decorations and sound to make it seem more realistic.

In general, an online casino with live dealers will offer blackjack, roulette and baccarat.  However, the bigger internet casinos will offer more games like Poker, Sicbo, Hi-lo just to name a few.

Why Add a Live Dealer Casino to Your Sportsbook – A Better Player Experience

Why Add a Live Dealer Casino to Your Sportsbook – A Better Player ExperienceWithout going into virtual casino technology, a Live Dealer Casino comes pretty close in terms of reality. Basically, the player will see the dealer at a table where she will be dealing the game.  The player, uses his computer or mobile phone to place bets and interact with the dealer.

However, the game play with a live dealer casino is much slower than a digital one.  This is because there is a timer which allows players to join the game as well as a time-limit to place their bets.  Thus, you have to wait on other players to play.

In addition, according to casino chat rooms, you do need a high-speed internet connection to play.  Otherwise, the live stream will not be very smooth and lag can occur.

As technology progresses, even more online casino games are becoming available. For example, KOBET also offers BET GAMES TV which is a take on a live casino but with faster action.

Adding More Casino Options for an Increase in Profits

The easiest way to add a live dealer casino to your sportsbook is with a Sportsbook PPH service like PricePerPlayer.com. This is because a live casino is part of their normal Pay Per Head package and comes at no extra cost. Therefore, bookies do not need to thousands of dollars every month to offer a live casino.

Even if the conversion from sports bettor to casino player is low, it is still more gambling profits. In addition, if done correctly, you could start advertising your PPH Sportsbook to casino players and make even larger profits!

 Add a Live Casino to your Sportsbook with PricePerPlayer.com for $5 or Less Per Player!

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