Why Switch to the PricePerPlayer.com Sportsbook Pay Per Head Service

Why Switch to the PricePerPlayer.com Sportsbook Pay Per Head ServiceBeing an Independent bookie or sportsbook operator is difficult work and every little thing counts. Unlike large sportsbooks, bookies have to keep a closer eye on their handle, their spending and their players. Therefore, you need a Pay Per Head that can do all of this for you and more to remain competitive. If your current provider cannot meet these standards, it’s time to Switch to the PricePerPlayer.com Sportsbook Pay Per Head Service.

This is because in order to become a successful bookie, having players and a plan is not enough.  You need a real partner that can support you and provide you with the necessary tools for success. Furthermore, you are running a business and not a charity.  Therefore, every penny counts when it comes to making it or not.

If you are thinking about switching to a Sportsbook PPH provider then now is the right time to do it. While some bookies may thing that it is too late to do the switch, we say it is never too late. PricePerPlayer.com offers a fast switch with barely any down time if any at all. Thus, it will not affect your betting handle even during the football season.

Our IT staff will make the transition smoothly and we even transfer your players free of charge! Thus, you will end up with a smoother and more profitable sportsbook operation thanks to our award-winning sportsbook software solution.

Reasons to Switch to the PricePerPlayer.com Sportsbook Pay Per Head Service

Let’s talk about price.  Once bookies have been shopping around for a Pay Per Head service, they always ask about price. This is because they want to know if an expensive Sportsbook Pay Per Head Service worth it or not.

The answer is really quite simple, you get what you pay for.  Therefore, PricePerPlayer.com is the right choice for your Sportsbook Pay Per Head needs.  This is because we offer the best bookie platform at the most affordable price.  With PricePerPlayer.com, you get value for value for only $5 per player with no hidden fees or extra charges.

A Wide Array of Gambling Options at no Extra Cost – This is where PricePerPlayer.com is the king of Pay Per Head.  This is because your players get sports betting on all sports leagues, live betting and even prop bet generator.  In addition, they also can play in our online casino, live casino and a racebook at no extra charge. Thus, $5 per player gets you and your players access to all of our gambling options!

All of the tools you need for success – If that wasn’t enough, we want you to success because your success is our success. Therefore, we provide bookies with all of the tools they need to manage their players.  This includes risk management tools, sportsbook management reports, player management reports and much more!

Customer Service you Can Count on – No sportsbook operation is complete without a good and reliable customer service department. Without the proper support, it is impossible to retain your customers which is exactly what we offer. We have 24/7 online and phone customer support which comes as part of the $5 per player.

Make the Switch today to PricePerPlayer.com with NO DEPOSIT OR COMMITMENT Necessary!

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