How to be a Baseball Bookie

Last updated on March 8th, 2024 at 09:55 am

How to be a Baseball Bookie with a Pay per headBaseball season began almost a month ago and is now in full swing making millions of fans very happy. In fact, baseball is one of the top 10 most popular sport in the world with over 500 million fans. Of course, with baseball comes baseball betting which means it can be very profitable to become a baseball bookie. Therefore, in this bookie tutorial, we will teach you How to be a Baseball Bookie and make a profit from it.

The majority of bookies are not taking bets from people as a full-time job. This is because in most cases, it is just a way to make extra money while doing something they love. Of course, being a baseball bookie can be quite profitable when done right. Just think about it, on average there are 162 regular MLB game per season. If a gambler bets $100 on one team per season with a 10% vig, you can earn $1,620 from them. Multiply that by the number of friends you have that follow baseball and it can become quite high.

Of course, becoming a baseball bookie does not mean you will automatically make a profit. Opening a sportsbook is still a business investment which entails certain risks. First off, you will need an online bookie software and some capital to start your business. In addition, you will need players and a way to balance revenue versus expenses to make it worth your while.

As a part-time hobby, it may seem difficult and out of your reach. However, with a Pay Per Head Bookie Solution, it can be easily be done in just a few steps!

How to be a Baseball Bookie with a Pay per head

In this tutorial, we will focus on How to Become a baseball bookie with a pay per head service. The reason why we are focusing on this particular method is because it is easy, effective and cost-efficient.

First off, to start a baseball bookie business, at a minimum, you need the following:

  • Players/gamblers – You obviously need clients to start any type of business. However, most baseball bookies start small by taking wagers from friends, coworkers and family members.
  • Money – The amount bookies need to start depends on how many players they have and their betting limits. It can range from a few thousand to several thousand dollars. It all depends on the type of sportsbook operation you plan on having. For more information, read this article about How Much Money do I need to be a bookie.
  • A Sports Betting Software – This is the software that will keep track of wagers from your players and their balance. A good betting software will allow you to manage your players have the proper reports to maximize your profits.
  • Lines Manager – A lines manager is essential to keep your sportsbook handle as high as possible. The better lines manager is, the more profits you will make.
  • Sportsbook Website – of course, you will need a place for your players to place their bets. This is where having a website and or mobile app comes in.
  • Customer Service Support – Since the competition is fierce, having a good customer service is key to standing out.

While the first two items are something you have to get on your own. However, will take care of everything else for you on that list.

Reasons to Open a Baseball Betting Site

As the saying goes, baseball is America’s favorite pastime and betting on the MLB is a big moneymaker for bookies. This is because the baseball betting season is around 6 months and other than basketball, baseball has no real competition. In addition, 22% of bettors bet on baseball regularly making it the fourth most popular sport to be on in the world. Considering that during the MLB season, there is a game every day, that is a lot of wagering taking place.

If that was not enough reasons to Open a Baseball Betting site, the sports betting industry makes well over a billion annually from baseball gambling. Needless to say, there is plenty of money to go around and that includes you!

Why Use to Become an Online Baseball Bookie


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