Lawmakers are trying Again to Legalize Sports Betting in Kentucky

Bills to Legalize Sports Betting in KentuckyLast year, a bill to regulate sports betting in Kentucky did not have enough support to become a law. However, this setback did not deter supporters of sports gambling in the blue grass state. This is because Lawmakers are trying Again to Legalize Sports Betting in Kentucky by introducing 4 new bills on Monday.

According to gambling industry news, the announcement was made yesterday by several Kentucky lawmakers.  Unlike the gambling bills from 2021, this time they are proposing a series of gambling measures to legalize sports betting. These Bills would legalize most forms of sports wagering while regulating the taxation on all forms of online gambling.

State Rep. Adam Koenig is the one spearheading legal sports betting and who made the filing for them. Kentucky is one of 17 states that does not have legal sports betting. In fact, all but on neighboring state have made sports betting legal.

Koenig wants that to change to bring the money back to the state and to because voters want it. Furthermore, he said that it would allow Kentuckians to “do what they would like to do with their own money”. In a recent poll, the results show that 65% of voters are in support of legalizing betting on sports contest.

Bills to Legalize Sports Betting in Kentucky

According to sports betting software providers, Bill HB 606 is a standard sports gambling bill. This bill would allow Kentuckians to place sports bets from their phones, or in person within the state. Koenig said that for state with legal gambling, this is freedom and the “government getting out of the way”.

The second bill is HB  607 and its goal is to modernize the current pari-mutuel bill. This is because when you place a pari-mutuel bet, the tax on the wager is the same. It does not take I consideration how the wager was made. Therefore, HB 607 would change that as well as make the horse racing commission “self-sufficient”.

The third bill is HB 608 by rep. Killion Timoney and is known as the “Gray Machine Bill”. According to the bill, it would put a prohibition for gaming machines at convenience stores and the like. That is, unless they have permission from the Kentucky Lottery, Kentucky Horse Racing Commission or Department of Charitable Gaming.

The fourth bill is HB 609 which is a bill that would create program for problem gaming.

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