New York Sports Betting Bill Passes the Senate

New York Sports Betting Bill Passes the SenateThe New York Sports Betting Bill Passes the Senate making legal sports betting almost a reality within the state.  However, one more step is necessary before sports betting fans will be able to bet on sports.  This is because New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo must sign the bill before it becomes a law.

On Monday, Sports Betting Bill S17D made it thru the Senate with an overwhelming majority in favor of the bill.  The final result of the vote was 57 in favor and 5 against passing the sports betting bill. Voting for the bill was done soon after the approval of sports betting regulations by the New York Gaming Commission.

New York Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr. is the man responsible for Bill S17D. He began the introduction of his bill earlier this year and made several change to it so it would pass.  Thus, he had to make several collaboration with different senators to edit the bill in order to make is successful.  Furthermore, to sports betting software websites, his bill is one of the longest-debating sports betting bills to hit New York.

Can the Sports Betting Bill make it pass the NY Assembly?

The biggest opposition to the bill is because of the mobile sports betting section in Bill S17D.  This is because several opponents are against online sports betting.  The main opponent is NY Governor Andrew Cuomo who is distancing himself from mobile sports betting. This is because during an interview with the New York Post earlier this month.  In the interview, Cuomo said that he did not expect mobile sports gambling to be legal anytime soon.

However, Cuomo has not made any definitive statement that he will veto the sports betting bill. Furthermore, his office has taken the stance that a constitutional amendment is necessary before it can legalize mobile sports betting.

If the bill passes, sports betting would be available in casinos and also in professional sports arenas and stadiums. According to estimates, it could bring as much as $10 to $30 million per year in revenue for education purposes. Thus, several Pay Per Head Bookie providers are closely watching the situation as it could increase their market target.

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