New York Sportsbooks Get Higher Revenue Despite Fewer Wagers

Learning how to read sports betting data is important for bookies, as it can help you identify the status of your sportsbook. With your all in one pay per head service, you can generate reports that will tell you the handle, your revenue, and other relevant data. These can be used as indicators that will tell you if your sportsbook is performing similar to other betting markets, if your numbers are following a general trend, or if there is something else that you need to work on. Today, we will take a look at the latest weekly sports betting report on New York sportsbooks.

According to the New York Gaming Commission, for the week ending in May 28, sportsbooks in the state report a $261.7 million handle. This gives us a 14.7% decrease in handle from the previous week. However, sportsbooks are not worried at all, because their revenue is $35.7 million, which is 88.9% more than the previous week. If you want to be able to earn from sports betting like these operators do, you can read through these bookie pay per head reviews to find a good sportsbook software to use.

New York Sportsbooks Has Good Revenue Haul

New York Sportsbooks Get Higher Revenue Despite Fewer WagersThe easiest explanation for having such a great revenue haul despite a dip in handle would be the hold percentage. Week over week, the win rate almost doubled, even higher than the first week of May’s 13% hold. For the fiscal year 2023-2024 (From the week ending April 2, 2023) to date, the total Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) for online sports betting is at $305 million. That period covers just over two month’s time. Meanwhile, the total handle for the fiscal year is at $2.981 billion.

These are great numbers to see at this time of the year. During the summer months, there tends to be less sports events to bet on. But baseball, basketball, and other events like tennis, car racing, and such can still help you generate a lot of revenue for your sportsbook. One look at New York’s sportsbooks can tell you that easily.


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